Education & Training
New Frontier Services has significant experience in providing education, training and capacity building services for public and private clients. We have carried out education, training and capacity building work for a wide variety of public and private sector clients, including the European Commission, NATO, UNDP, and international programmes such as the EC ManagEnergy Programme, Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, and the Development Education & Awareness-Raising Programme.
Examples of our recent work
New Frontier staff were responsible under the above-mentioned concept to provide coaching and support to help students in European Universities develop new energy-focussed business and projects solving energy efficiency and renewable energy needs, under the Energy2B project financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme. The programme is being delivered in association with a consortium of European Universities, including the Universities of Sheffield (UK), Coimbra (Portugal), Sofia (Bulgaria), Lodz (Poland) and Maribor (Slovenia).
New Frontier Services, in partnership with AETS, participating in the Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) Support Team. The DEAR Support Team assists the EC in developing its strategic DEAR policy, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency of DEAR projects; and ensuring the EC is recognised as a point of excellence regarding DEAR. NFS provided an analysis of the current state of DEAR through organisation, animation, and evaluation of workshops and thereafter disseminating the findings of the analysis.
NFS was contacted by NATO to carry out the development and formulation of a project concept seeking to provide Satellite Connectivity for higher education institutes in Afghanistan, with a view to serving as an enabler for an ICT capacity development and education project in the HE sector in Afghanistan. From the capacity development perspective, the work involved:
      •wider concept development

      •carrying out an ICT capacity development needs survey among project target groups

      •based on the needs analysis findings, proposing a capacity development plan and resourcing plan

Scoping and developing content and communication tools for Capacity.Org, a joint venture to provide capacity enhancement information and tools to a wider variety of developing country actors. Focus was to produce Short Papers written in journalistic style. New Frontier Services reviewed the work that had been undertaken to-date and proposed an alternative communications and content strategy which was endorsed by UNDP. A key part of the work was to produce a series of Short Papers on Leadership in development written in a journalistic style and attractive layout. The work involved ongoing contact with UNDP and SNV offices in Africa and Asia to solicit their content suggestions and input, as well as online and telephone facilitation of discussions on the overall structure of papers and substantive examples and content from UN and SNV country offices. Two content Short Papers were developed: i) Introducing Leadership in Development and ii) Leading Change.
For the European Commission, designed, organised and delivered a programme of 10 capacity building workshops to provide platforms for capacity building and experience sharing among development education, civil society and local authority stakeholders in ten EU Member States. The workshop programmes covered:
      •Capacity building on developing grant proposals for EC programmes

      •Presenting good practice and facilitating experience sharing in a variety of themes, including Developing effective North-South partnerships, fostering sustainable projects/sustained impact in development projects, and sharing experience in implementing national development education strategies

      •Identifying and sharing good practice among development education projects in the area of food security; Working with Youth; Education; Awareness Raising; Advocacy towards Parliamentarians, and Good practice in in Maximising Sustainability.

NFS was selected with a number of other leading service providers for provision of services to the ManagEnergy initiative, the EU tool to support energy efficiency and renewable energy policies at local level, during a two-year period. A key target is support to member cities of the flagship new EU initiative for cities to combat climate change (Covenant of Mayors, to development capacity building for cities and local energy agencies on key areas such as developing and implementing sustainable energy plans and financing renewable energy projects. The capacity building workshops programme comprise 20 workshops, including the financing of local energy investments, and have taken place in Bulgaria, Latvia, Croatia, Spain, Slovenia, Lithuania, and Estonia.
This project was a global 11-country project supporting selected sub-Saharan Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries in the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) region at various stages of national efforts to eliminate child labour through education and related interventions. The overall objective of the project was to contribute towards poverty reduction in the least developed countries by providing equitable access to basic education and skills development to the most disadvantaged section of the society. The project purpose was to strengthen capacity of the national and local ACP authorities in the formulation, implementation and enforcement of policies to fight child labour in coordination with social partners and civil society.