frontierCites - European Cities driving the Future Internet

April 2014

New Frontier Services, coordinating and in partnership with the following organisations ENGINEERING -INGENERIA INFORMATICA SPA, University of Surrey, European Business and Innovation Center Network [EBN], INNOVA BIC, Universita deli study di Messina and the Energy Agency of Podravje Institution for Sustainable Energy Use, had signed the Grant Agreement no. 632853. Frontier Cities is an accelerator aiming to support the development and deployment of smart mobility solutions for cities. The goal of frontierCities is to bring the benefits of smart mobility solutions that enhance mobility and quality of life to European cities. With funding from the EU's Future Internet Programme, frontierCities will introduce Future Internet FIWARE technologies to European SMEs, web entrepreneurs and cities. Smart mobility applications supported by frontierCities will use the FIWARE technology platform and environment, which is an innovative, open cloud-based infrastructure for cost-effective creation and delivery of Future Internet applications and services. About the Open Call The frontierCities Call for smart mobility developers will be launched the 20th November 2014. The deadline for the Concept Note submission (Stage 1) will be the 14th January 2015, while the Full Application (Stage 2) submission deadline for successful Concept Notes is 14th March 2015. The total amount of the grant made available under this Call for smart mobility developers is EUR 3,920,000. A minimum of EUR 50,000 and a maximum of EUR 150,000 will be allocated.